It’s in our DNA

We believe everyone has the capacity to live their wildest dreams. Are you dreaming big enough?

Sisterhood, community, self-improvement & radical self-love

These are the pillars that we live by. We believe there is power in sisterhood and finding a community of like-minded, but open-minded people. We accept that we are imperfect human beings capable of being better than we were yesterday. We’re here to share that journey. 

We are parents, aunties, friends, colleagues, and sisters. We are leaders and teammates. We are soft and fragile and strong and assertive. We are bosses. We are feminine and masculine alike, seeking balance within ourselves and creating spaces where we belong.

Experiences. We value experiences over anything else. Spending time with family, traveling the world, trying new things, creating recipes and music and art. We value people over things, and our desire for money is a reflection of our desire for living through new, meaningful experiences and elevating our lifestyle to what makes us happy.

Curiosity. We don’t accept things blindly for what they appear to be. We are curious. We are inquisitive. We ask questions and we challenge the status quo. We challenge popular narratives and we investigate our own opinions and biases. And we learn from one another through curiosity and openness to new perspectives.

This is us

The greatest joy in life is paving your own path.

A letter from the editor

Hey readers. I don’t know how you found my little corner of the internet but I’m glad that you did. I’m Ambra, and I created this website as an ode to Black women everywhere, existing and thriving. I wanted a place to express myself, and I wanted to invite others to do the same. I’ve always cycled through different ways of expression– writing, storytelling, painting, singing, drawing, crafting, you name it. I could never stick to just one thing, so I stopped trying. This is my safe space. You’ll read my writing, you’ll hear my voice and see my art. Here, you’ll see me, as I am. And even if I’m the only reader looking back at all I’ve done and what I’ve put out into the world, that’s okay. So, here’s to creating a virtual time-capsule for everyone to enjoy.

Yours truly,